The most comprehensive system, when combined with Termidor, designed for complete control of subterranean termites, the most destructive termites found throughout the United States and the main variety found in New Jersey.
THE HILSEN METHOD combines multiple elements to provide the best options to protect your structure.

FIRST: Our technician will complete a thorough inspection of your home or business and the surrounding property to evaluate termite activity, identify sources conducive to termites, and make recommendations to reduce moisture and food sources.  He will then discuss THE HILSEN METHOD with you before proceeding.

SECOND: HILSEN wants to stop any live termite infestation from further destruction of your property before the introduction of a monitoring/baiting component.  For optimum protection of your home our technician will then create a complete barrier with a prescription treatment of Termidor, a liquid termiticide.

Termidor will create a powerful barrier of long lasting protection.  Termidor is proven to be 100% effective against subterranean termites in even the most challenging situations, climates, and environments.

THIRD: Monitoring and bait stations will be used to detect and eliminate termites around the structure.

Smartdisc locators and monitoring stations and FirstLine GT Plus termite bait stations will be used around your property based on the general use directions established by FMC and EPA registered product labels.  The Smartdisc locator is used with the monitoring station and the FirstLine GT Plus termite bait station to help channel termites into the stations.

Typically, Smartdisc locators and monitoring stations are placed around your property wherever termite conducive conditions occur.  They are inspected on a regular schedule for the presence of termites.  Once termites are found in a monitoring station, it is replaced with a FirstLine GT Plus termite bait station.  Each station contains the active ingredient sulfluramid, which can treat up to 80,000 termites.  Unlike other termite baiting systems, sulfluramid can treat all types of subterranean termites, including reproductives.  In some cases where termites are found in the soil, a FirstLine GT Plus termite bait station may be used right away.

Property owners should not disturb the installed stations as disturbance may cause the termites to leave the station.  Do not spray the stations with a pesticide (or any other chemical products such as: cleaning solutions, soaps, fertilizers, etc…).

Our technician will visit your property periodically to monitor the bait stations to verify termite activity, install additional stations when needed, and search for new infestation.  Once the termites have stopped feeding, our technician will continue to monitor for new termite activity and inspect your home or business on an annual basis.

The FirstLine Termite Defense System was developed by FMC Corporation and is purchased and used by HILSEN to control termites in and around structures.

Comparison of FirstLine Termite Defense System and Sentricon System

A pest management company compared the FirstLine Termite Defense System to the Sentricon System after both systems were in place for 10 months (different years)

  • FirstLine and Sentricon achieved the same level of control over the same time period.
  • All properties were partially treated with liquid termiticides
  • Each system was installed according to recommended practices and monitored monthly, then replaced with bait when monitors had termite activity


  • FirstLine provides the same level of control as Sentricon
  • Termite populations are quite different and any one structure can reach control with baiting in much shorter or longer periods (3-8 months once baiting started).
  • Termite populations already infesting a structure (remedial) find monitors faster than populations not infesting a structure (preventative).
  • Once termites have fed on monitors, preventative situations are controlled faster than curative.

FirstLine Termite Defense System is the most comprehensive and effective program designed to control termites.  FirstLine is a long-term approach to protecting structures from subterranean termite colonies.

Let HILSEN be your line of defense against termite invasions.

How we fight them…The HILSEN Method

HILSEN uses all available treatment methods in an innovative way.  We call this the systematic termite control program THE HILSEN METHOD which combines all modern methods of baiting, liquid, foaming, wood treatment, gel baiting, and mechanical recommendations to provide the best results for each individual property.  Our company will use a variety of methods to solve your specific problems. We use the best of all available methods and the latest science and technologies.  Our goal is to rid your house of termites as fast as possible. THE HILSEN METHOD will cause very little upset to your daily routine.

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