Why Control Pest Birds?

Birds are wonderful creatures. But they sometimes become serious pests. Pigeons and other pest birds deface buildings with their droppings, causing millions of dollars in damage. They and other pest birds contaminate food in warehouses and food plants. Bird nests and droppings can damage equipment, signs, street lights, electrical utilities, and can cause hazardous working conditions. In large flocks, birds can be noisy, dirty and even dangerous. Some carry diseases and parasites that can affect people such as Salmonella, Histoplasmisis and Meningitis.

To make an area unattractive to unwanted animals you can do a number of things. Remove places to hide. Get rid of trash. Remove brush and leaf piles. Place stacked material twelve or more inches above the ground or floor and away from walls. Space beneath structures and stacks must be kept clean. Keep shrubbery and other plantings away from foundations and walls. Keep shrubbery clean and free of debris. Keep lawns mowed. Fill unwanted depressions. Keep stream and pond banks clean and clipped. Even if all this is done, the occasional pest may still be found.

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